Sunday, July 31, 2011

main objects power generation and power transmission

Power Generation & Power Transmission

1. To carry on, manage, supervise and control the business of
transmitting, manufacturing, supplying, generating, distributing and
dealing in electricity and all forms of energy and power generated
by any source whether nuclear, steam, hydro or tidal, water, wind,
solar, hydrocarbon fuel or any other form, kind or description.

2. To carry on in India or abroad the business of establishing,
commissioning, setting up, operating and maintaining electric power
transmission systems/networks, power systems, generating stations
based on conventional/ non-conventional resources for evacuation,
transmission, distribution, trading or supply of power through
establishing or using stations, tie-lines, sub-stations and
transmission or distribution lines in any manner including build,
own and transfer (BOT), and/or build, own and operate (BOO) and/or
build, own, lease and transfer (BOLT) and/or build, own, operate and
transfer (BOOT) basis or otherwise ,and to acquire in any manner
power transmission systems/networks, power systems, generation
stations, tie-lines, sub-stations and transmission or distribution
systems from State Electricity Boards, Vidyut Boards, Power
Utilities, Generating Companies, Transmission Companies,
Distribution Companies, Central or State Government Undertakings,
Licensees, other local authorities or statutory bodies, other
captive or independent power producers and distributors and to do
all the ancillary , related or connected activities as may
be considered necessary or beneficial or desirable for or along with
any or all of the aforesaid purposes which can be conveniently
carried on these systems, networks or platforms.

3. To plan, develop, establish, erect, construct, acquire , operate,
run, manage, hire, lease, buy, sell, maintain, enlarge, alter,
renovate, modernize, work and use power system networks of all types
including ultra high voltage (UHV), extra-high voltage (EHV), high
voltage (HV), high voltage direct current (HVDC), medium voltage
(MV) and low voltage (LV) lines and associated stations,
substations, transmission and distribution centers, systems and
networks and to lay cables, wires, accumulators, plants, motors,
meters, apparatus, computers, telecommunication and telemetering
equipments and other materials connected with generation,
transmission, distribution, supply and other ancillary activities
relating to the electrical power and to undertake for and on behalf
of others all these activities in any manner.

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