Saturday, April 1, 2017

Main object Backery


To carry on in India or elsewhere the business to manufacture, produce, process, prepare, disinfect, fermentate, compound, mix, concentrate, pack, repack, heat, grade, preserve, freeze, buy, sell, resell, import, export, barter, distribute, market, supply and to act as agent, broker, representative, collaborator, franchiser, adatiya, stockist, liasioner, middleman, job worker or otherwise to deal in all types, descriptions, test, uses and packs of bakery items, their bye-products such as bread, fruit bread, biscuits, cakes, farinaceous material and other farinaceous compounds and items of every description and all other items, whether natural, artificial or synthetic, of a character similar or analogous to the foregoing or connected therewith and to do all incidental acts things necessary for the attainment of the foregoing objects.

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