Saturday, January 14, 2017

Sebi tightens unlisted firms’ M&A rules source Business standard

Sebi  market  regulator  introduced  more  checks  and balances  for mergers and acquisitions involving  unlisted  companies.   Unlisted  companies  merge  with   Listed entity has to  fulfill certain conditions.

 The public shareholding of the resultant entity created by the merger of an unlisted and a listed company has to be more than 25 per cent

The  objective  to have  wider  public shareholding 

The move comes after a recent merger involving insurance companies HDFC Life and Max Life had raised questions over non-compete fees paid to the promoters of the Max group

SEBI  also  announced   that  allowing  investments in newer instruments  and  also  permitting fund houses  to use celebrities  for industry level  advertisements    The  advertisements  not  at fund houes  or scheme level

For  more  details  Business  Standard

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