Friday, March 6, 2015

Media and Advertising main objects

. To carry on in India or abroad the business of event management, advertising and publicity agents, sub-agents, consultants and contractors and for this purpose to purchase, sell, sponsor, charter, manage, acquire, undertake, hold, provide and promote, publicity or advertising time space or opportunity on and radio station, broadcasting center, television center, music video and music  audio video cassettes, hoarding, neon signs, electronic display board, cinema cable network,  newspaper, magazines, souvenirs and all other present and future medias or device s including electronic media through internet and other display devices of all kinds and descriptions or to organize trade fairs, exhibitions, road shows to promote the sale or any other interest of its clients.
2. To carry on the business of advertising agency for providing to advertise a complete range of advertising services on all mass media such as hoardings, newspapers, magazines, radio, television and film and to organize and conduct events, stage shows, fashion shows, trade fairs and exhibitions.
3  To carry on the business of public relations, show promotion, advertisers, advertising contractors and advertising agents, printers, publishers, designers, lithographers, engravers, and to  acquire and undertake the whole or any part of the business property and liabilities of any person,  firm or company carrying on any of such business or any other business which may be usefully carried  on therewith including business relating to travels and tour promotions.
4. To carry on the business of marketing, and to carry on designing and producing, publishing of banners, magazines, catalog and broachers.

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