Sunday, March 24, 2013

Resolution under Section 187

Certified True Copy of the resolution passed at the Meeting of the Board of Directors of TORX Finanzservice GmbH on --------------------------------- at ----------------------------------------------------------------------:

“RESOLVED THAT pursuant to Section 187 of the Companies Act, 1956,

Mr. ________________, failing which , be and is hereby authorised to act as the representative of our Company at all general meetings of AKG India Private Limited, of which our Company is a Member and at any adjournments thereof and to attend and vote for and on behalf of the Company at such meetings and any adjournments thereof, to exercise the same rights and powers (including the right to vote by proxy) on behalf of our Company as the Company would exercise as a member of AKG India Private Limited.

RESOLVED FURTHER THAT this resolution shall be valid and binding until it is revoked or varied or modified or replaced by another resolution of our Company.”

For TORX Finanzservice GmbH


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