Saturday, March 23, 2013

Resolution for take over

CERTIFIED TRUE EXTRACTS OF THE RESOLUTION PASSED IN THE MEETING OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF ____________________ PRIVATE LIMITED HELD ON ____________ AT THE REGISTERED OFFICE OF THE COMPANY SITUATED AT _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

“RESOLVED THAT the Company hereby acquires the Partnership Firm, M/s ____________ having its business at _________________________________________________________________________.

RESOLVED FURTHER THAT the assets and liabilities (including goodwill) of the business of M/s ________________ will vest with the Company from _____________.

RESOLVED FURTHER THAT an agreement to be entered between the Company and M/s ________________, as per the draft thereof submitted to this meeting and for the purpose of identification duly initialed by Chairman thereof, considered and approved, be executed on behalf of the Company by Mr. _______________, Director and ______________, Director of the Company.

RESOVED FURTHER THAT Mr. Mr. _______________, Director and ______________, Director of the Company be and are hereby authorized to do all such acts, deeds, matters and things and to execute such documents or writings as may be necessary, proper or expedient for the purpose of giving effect to this resolution and for matters connected therewith or incidental or ancillary thereto.”

For _________________ Private Limited



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