Saturday, April 7, 2012

Main objects management consultant

1. To provide onsite and offshore services related to Business process outsourcing, knowledge process outsourcing, customer care, call center, business continuity plans and accounting processes, payroll processing, data conversion, digitalization, transition management, enabling technologies, e-commerce, system integration to Indian and Multinational clients.

2. To provide all type of services in the field of taxation, preparation techno economic feasibility reports and projects reports, project appraisal, obtaining finances from financial institutions and other foreign exchange and travel, law and legal, merchant banking import, export, administration and organization management, mergers and acquisitions, strategic, alliances, valuations, reorganization, diversification strategies and disinvestment, venture capital, investigations assurance services, proprietary and efficiency audit, management audit, internal audit, social audit commencement and expansion of trade, market related, intellectual property rights, advisory and liaisoning services, secretarial services, general accounting matters, event management, MIS. recruitment, manpower search and human resource management services, disaster recovery and management services and preparation of budgets, treasury management corporate strategic planning to Indian and multinational corporate.

3. To act as trainers and consultants both within and outside India in the field of finance and accounting, investment, portfolio, management, RBI related matters and other regulatory matters, marketing, technical, tax, legal, risk management strategy, placement and human resource, corporate governance, engineering, advertising, iInformation technology, core financial management for eg : commodities, currencies, financial instruments, derivatives etc consultants to Indian and multinational corporate.

4. To provide all kinds of consultancy and advisory services and to act as agents, subagents, brokers, sub brokers, franchisees, Licensee, distributors, dealers, buyers, sellers, exporters, importers, underwriters, contractors, subcontractors of any goods or services.

5. To provide business services by designing, developing, producing, reproducing installing, marketing, distributing, buying, selling, licensing, providing, importing, exporting, operating, supporting, maintaining and otherwise, dealing in all varieties of computer software and to offer services in data processing in all field of application, ecommerce, internet education, Training and related services and any other information technology and telecommunication related services.

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