Saturday, July 30, 2011

Resolution requires special notice


1. Appointment of a person other than a retiring auditor at an
annual general meeting. [Section 225(1)]

2. Resolution that a retiring auditor shall not be re-appointed.
[Section 225(1)]

3. Appointment of first auditors at a general meeting after
removal therein. [Sections 224(5) and 225(4)]

4. Removal of a director under section 284 and appointment of a
director in his place. [Section 284]

5. Allowing a person to stand for election as director
by giving notice to the company appears to be another provision
of special notice [Section 257] But this is an independent provision and not
related to section 190.

6. Appointment of small shareholders' director [Section 252]

7. Nomination of auditor in place of first auditor removed at a
general meeting. As soon as nomination is received from a
member nominating a person as auditor in place of the first
auditor removed, the company shall give notice to the members
not less than 14 days before the meeting. [Section 224(5)

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