Friday, July 29, 2011

Main ojbects - Advertising and brand promotion

1. To carry on in India and abroad the business of advertising & publicity agents and contractors and for this purpose to purchase sell, sponsor, hire, charter manage acquire undertake hold provide and promote publicity or advertising time space or opportunity on any radio station, internet, broadcasting center, television center video cassettes audio cassettes, hoardings, neon signs, electronic display board, cinema cable network, newspapers, magazines, souveniors and all other present and future medias or display devices.

2. To carry on the business to manufacture, maintain install prepare produce fabricate alter paint convert finish buy sell import and export all kinds of advertising and publicity material such as slides, cassettes, pamphlets calendars posters hoardings cutouts etc and to act as agent broker vendor owner franchiser organizer promoter sponsor or manager of all sorts and descriptions of advertising and publicity business, manpower supply and training for media activites.

3. To carry on the business of distributors indentors, importers, exporters buying and selling agents manufacturer, representatives, commission agents, clearing and forwarding agents, general brokers, printers, packers advertising agents, promoters and organisers of sales and marketing of cosmetics, perfumes scents, sprays, fragrance, powders, lavenders.

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4. To carry on in India or elsewhere the business as publishers, distributors, printers, typesetters, designers, authors, writers and editors of publications of all news, research articles, educational materials, laminators, designers, authors writers and editors of publications of all varieties, descriptions, specifications, applications and uses including books novels magazines journals souvenirs newsletters, periodicals bulletins, pamphlets forms catalogues diaries, calendars posters, pictures stickers text books law books school books college books newspapers and other allied publications on any subject whatsoever in print as well as in electronic media and to develop softwares Cd’s cassettes, floppies or any other electronic mode, devices systems an to act as job worker contractor subcontractor consultant data entry operator, page maker website designer copy right owner and to deal in all goods articles and things necessary for the attainment of the above objects

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