Saturday, July 30, 2011

Main objects paper


To carry on in India or elsewhere the business as manufacturers, producers, processors, importers, exporters, buyers, sellers, stockists, agents, contractors, exchangers, providers, distributors, jobworkers, collaborators, consultants, transporters, suppliers and dealers in all kinds, classes, applications, specifications, descriptions, characteristics, colours and uses of papers including writing paper, printing paper, absorbent paper, packing & wrapping paper, wall and ceiling paper, news print paper, filter paper, antique paper, ivory finish paper, art paper, bancle or board paper, badami, brown or bugg paper, bible paper, cartridge paper, cloth lined paper, wove paper, tissue paper, blotting paper, antique paper, security paper, waxed & bitumen impregnated paper, currency paper, litmus paper, photographic paper, glass paper, emery paper, toilet paper, creamlaid and wove paper, corrugated craft linear paper, specialty paper, grease proof paper, gummed paper, hand made paper, parchment paper, drawing paper, craft paper, manilla paper, envelope paper, tracing paper, vellum paper, water proof paper, carbon and carbonless paper ammonia paper, chemically treated paper, carton paper and craft paper, whether coated, glazed, polished, corrugated, laminated or otherwise and any raw materials, intermediates, ingredients, substances, consumables and allied materials thereof and to do all incidental acts and things necessary for the attainment of the above objects.

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