Sunday, July 31, 2011

Main objects hospital business


1. To purchase, lease or otherwise acquire, establish, maintain, operate, run, manage or administer hospitals, medicate, daycare and healthcare centers, nursing homes, clinics for in-door and out-door patients and facilities for reception and treatment of persons suffering from injuries and illness, disabilities and deficiencies of any kind or nature whatsoever and treatment of persons during convalescence or of persons requiring medical attention or rehabilitation, geriatric care centre, assisted living, in the generality, specialty and / or superspeciality departments.

2. To provide medical relief to the public in all branches of medical sciences by all available means and to manage, administer, own and to carry on the business of running hospitals, clinics, dispensaries, maternity, homes, child welfare and family planning centres, diagnostic centres, running crèches, design, manufacture, import, export, buy, sell or lease out, install, maintain and deal in any kind of equipment, instruments, medicines and drugs for hospital, dispensaries, clinics, laboratories and health clubs and to own, manage, administer or run all type of laboratories for carrying on investigations and to run X-ray, E.C.G. CT scan etc.

3. To undertake, promote, or engage in all kinds of research including clinical research and development of all fields of medical sciences, and in all therapies of medical treatment, development work required to promote, assist or engage in setting up hospitals and facilities for manufacturing medical equipment and also to encourage the discovery of new medical and/or surgical management of diseases and applications and to investigate and make know the nature and merits of investigations and findings and research in the said field and to acquire any patent and licenses on other protective devices relating to the results of any discovery, investigations, findings or researches and to acquire any processes upon such term as may seem expedient and to improve the same and to undertake the manufacture of any product developed and/or to give licenses for the manufacture of the same to other and either or market the same and also to set up laboratories, purchase, take on lease and acquire any equipment and instruments required for carrying out medical research and to educate and train medical students, nurses, midwives and hospital administrators and to grant such diplomas or recognitions as the company may prescribe or deem fit from time to time and to grant stipends, scholarships or any other assistance, monetary or otherwise whomsoever to further the course of medicine and/or medical research.

4. To plan, establish, develop, provide, promote, use, operate, conduct, procure, maintain, the Healthcare Services and products, medical products on World Wide Web, do business and to act as a Consultant for all types of techno Healthcare and other related services, Hospital Information System (HIS) Implementation, Tapping the Business Process Outsourcing opportunities for Healthcare clients and offering services such as Medical Billing, Medical Coding, Claims Processing and other services; E – Commerce, E – Business in the fields of Healthcare, to provide service for Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Diagnostic and Medical Centres, Clinics, Pharmacies, Medical Education Training and Research Centres in India and Abroad for data acquisition, data processing, database creation and management, website creation in the field of Healthcare and also to provide all other value added services and to act as internet Service Provider, Access Provider and other Service Providers to provide information relating to Healthcare Services / Products / Healthcare Management and to plan, establish, develop, provide, promote, use, operate, conduct, procure, maintain, do business and to act as Consultant for, establishment and development of infrastructure required for the provision of the above services and to develop, implement and maintain the software, computer systems and related hardware, peripherals, communication equipments and other accessories for the use of Telecommunications and Networking Technology to create Website for providing Healthcare Services.

And in addition to the above, to operate a fully dedicated healthcare TV channel and/or a website, for the purposes of imparting healthcare awareness and health education among public at large. Incidental / ancillary to this, the following steps / objects will be carried on for the operation of such healthcare business -

a) To carry on business of manufacture, assemble, put to place, set up, establish, develop, acquire, purchase, launch, relaunch, hire, lease, time share, manage, maintain, operate, run, replace, sale, upgrade, or otherwise commercially exploit satellite, space craft, ground station assets, transponders, control stations, via uplink or downlink or otherwise for the purpose of transmitting relaying, telecommunicating, broadcasting, narrowcasting, telecasting, any form of radio, audio, video signals both terrestrially and spatially including obtaining rights of distribution and marketing of communication signals and electronic data by means of satellite, wireless, wire or other electronic or mechanical methods of delivery.

b) To carry on the business as advertising agents, and to publish any kind of information on Internet, a global computer network or otherwise, compiled and updated by the Company or any other person, for commercial purposes or otherwise, set up and/or give or take on lease/hire appropriate systems and technology to render these services to any person, including inviting subscriptions, advertisements from any persons, through agents, franchise, by any available means in India or abroad.

c) To carry on the business of producing, directing, editing and to receive, buy, sell, procure, develop, produce, commission, decrypt, aggregate, turnaround, encrypt and distribute various kinds of entertainment contents/software (programmes), data for their aggregation, exhibition, distribution and dissemination on TV channels / TV signals / video and audio signals, be it satellite TV channels or terrestrial TV channels or cable channels or through any other mode or through encryption, decryption of signals / channels using existing and/or emerging technologies, including distribution via internet, distribution via internet protocol or webcasting or exhibition in cinema and/or video theater in all forms, be it an analogue signals or digital signals or through sale of physical material like cassettes including audio cassettes, video cassettes, digital video discs, CD ROM’s etc. and any emerging technology and to carry on the business of preparation, production, distribution, exploitation and screening of Cinematograph films, animation.

d) To carry on the business of Computer Software Development, Entertainment & News Softwares, Television Softwares and Programs, System Softwares, Application Softwares and to undertake and execute all kinds of Commercial, Financial and Trading Operations, to provide Data Base Management Services, Compilation of Data Bases, Data Management, integration of any kind of systems, Transaction processing, to provide services to the end users with respect to internet and its application, including system and application softwares and to execute any kind of off shore Project Development and to provide Services in connection thereto.

e) To carry on the business of acquiring, operating, developing, designing, marketing and maintenance of Websites/portals, Electronic Mails, Intranet solutions, Data Processing, Data Warehousing, Data Mining, Setting up communications solutions, man-power training, Strategic Change Management and Software development and to purchase and sell advertising time or space on any portal/websites/webpage.

f) To carry on the business of creating, collecting, aggregating and presenting, sepcialised or general content in text, visual, audio, virtual or any other form of any kind of media including but not restricted to Newpapers, Periodicals, Magazines and e-newspaper, e-periodicals, e-magazines, Television, radio, websites and outdoor media and to sale, purchase, marketing and arbitrage of such content.

5. To establish, maintain, develop, construct, procure or to act as service provider of every kind in the field of Tele Medicine, Tele Education, Tele Trading, E-Commerce, E-Business in Health Care Services/ Products, facilitate health education for the public, medical professionals and technologist to access healthcare resources and treatment options and carry out activities such as Website creating interactivity on net and integrated distribution system to reach the population residing all over the World to deliver the health related services/ products.

6. To undertake, carry on and operate both nationally and internationally the business of managing, operating, constructing, leasing, taking on lease, development and maintaining of all types of medical hospitals, clinics, health centers, pathological clinics, sanatorium, nursing home, rehabilitation centers, medical research centers, diagnostic centers, blood bank, eye bank, skin bank and all other activities of allied nature.

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