Sunday, July 31, 2011

Main objects Automobile

1. To carry on the business of manufacture, fabricate and assemble,
buy, sell, import, export, distribute, and deal in automobile parts of
all kinds and descriptions, automotive and other gears, transmission
and other axles, universal joints, springs, leaves, head lamps, sealed
beams, induction hardened pins, axles, alloy springs, accessories and
fittings of al kinds and to act as brokers and marketing agents for
aforesaid items.

1. To carry on the business of buying, selling, dealing in, automobiles, motorcars, lorries, buses, vans, motorcycles, cycle-cars, motor, scooters, carriages, amphibious vehicles, and vehicles suitable for propulsion on land, sea, or in the air or in any combination thereof and vehicles of all descriptions, whether propelled or assisted by means of petrol, diesel, spirit, steam, gas, electrical, animal, or other power, and of internal combustion and other engines, chassis-bodies and other components, parts and accessories and all machinery, implements, utensils, appliances, apparatus, lubricants, solutions enamels and all things capable of being used for, in, or in connection with maintenance, and working of motors.

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