Friday, July 29, 2011

Main object - Educational services

1. To establish and run in India or abroad educational institutions like school, college, coaching classes, practical training classes, boarding houses, NGO, ashrams, gurukuls, teaching classes, placement services, libraries, hostels, canteens, science and non science stream labs and workshops of all professions and of all allied nature of classes and to conduct courses for under graduate, graduates and post graduate degree and diploma in the subjects and branches of all types of disciplines/faculties such as commerce, hardware, software, computers, science, arts, business management, engineering, science medical industrial, pharmacy, mining, military, music, dance, acting, sports, journalism, and any other field of education and to act as advisors, consultants, promoters, partners or associates for such business and to get affiliated/associated with Indian and/or Foreign Universities, institutes, colleges and grant degrees/diplomas etc on behalf of such affiliated institution, to provide learning solutions and to achieve the object to establish and run educational institutions, to conduct and support preparatory classes for all types of competitive exams such as preparation for entry exams of state/central administrative services, MBA entrance exams, MCA entrance exams, Engineering entrance exams, Medical entrance exams, and/or any other pre-entry exams and to conduct practical practices/workshops thereof including distance learning programs with or without electronic media or E-business help and to grant franchise therefore and to run and set up all support facilities for such students including hostels, canteens, mess, enjoyment and recreational facilities and/or to act as advisors, consultants for setting up such institutes/classes and business as may be incidental or necessary for the achievement of the above object.


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